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Japan Rail Pass is the best way to travel Japan by train

Japan Rail Pass is the best way to travel Japan by train.

With the Japan Rail Pass you can travel as often as you like on the Japanese express trains (Shinkansen) and the common local trains of the Japan Railway Company over a period of 7, 14 or 21 days. 
If you plan to explore the whole country freely, then the JR Pass is your best choice.

Please read carefully regulations and eligibility.

富士山 新幹線

Main JR Pass Price :

Ordinary or Green valid for 7, 14 or 21 day

from 19 February 2024

*JR Pass price is subject to change the exchange rate.

GREEN - Adult
GREEN - Child

*** A child pass is valid for those aged 6 to 11, aged 12 and above you must purchase an adult ticket.
*** For infants aged 0-5, they do not need a Japan Rail Pass, this means that the infant is not entitled to a seat.

*** Special Delivery Fee £7.35 will be added  

*** Please read carefully before you order the JR Pass ***

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Please order your vouchers early, but no later than 5 business days before departure, via our online shop. 
For customers with Japanese citizenship, we also need the certificates from the consulate (copy of the residence registration or residence certificate)
A voucher issue is only possible after payment and verification of all documents
We will then send you the voucher by post (special delivery).

Please note: It is not possible to pay or check the documents in the offices , but only via our online shop.

Types of JR Pass :

There are 2 types of passes, a Green (First class) and an Ordinary (Standard Class).

Advanced seat reservation is possible only after you have arrived in Japan and exchanged your voucher for your JR Pass.

The Green JR Pass offers more space, comfort and is generally less crowded. 
We advise you to buy Green Pass for those who travel during peak seasons (April, May, August, September and around New Years) when Ordinary Cars can become fully booked very quickly.


Time Table Japan

Japan Rail Pass includes :

– JR Trains
(shinkansen, local trains, limited express trains, express trains, and rapid trains)
*Please note JR Pass is not valid on Nozomi and Mizuho trains

– Tokyo Monorail from/to Haneda airport
– Certain non-JR trains that lead to JR lines
– Local JR buses (except some local lines or express buses)
– JR Ferry to Miyajima

Fuji Mountain

*** Please read carefully before you order the JR Pass ***

Eligibility for use :

The JR PASS is a special train ticket for foreigners visiting Japan as a tourist. To use the pass, you must meet one of the following conditions:

1)  You are not a Japanese citizen and are entering Japan with temporary visitor status (staying up to 90 days). 
*Do not use the automatic barriers when entering the country, but use a manned counter, as you will need a special “Temporary Visitor” stamp in your passport.

2)  You are a Japanese citizen living abroad who…

holds a copy of the Residence Registration Form issued by the Japanese embassy or consulate abroad certifying that you have lived in the same country outside of Japan for at least 10 years, or

has a certificate of residency abroad issued by the Japanese embassy or consulate in your country of residence, showing your current address and certifying that you have lived in the same country outside of Japan for at least 10 years.

* The date of issue of both certificates must not be more than 6 months ago.
* You must bring certificate with you to Japan to be able to exchange Japan Rail pass voucher. 
* A single copy of the residence registration can prove the right of use for several people living together. However, the certificate of residence must have been issued separately for each applicant.
* More information can be found here .

Dual Citizenship 
Children with both Japanese and non-Japanese citizenship should enter Japan with a Japanese passport. Children must have their name on the certificate. Please have your copy of your residence permit ready. Also, please make sure to give us the exact name of the passport you will use to enter Japan.

* For children (under 12 years) whose length of stay in the respective country is less than 10 years: as long as a single copy of the residence declaration confirms that the child lives with the applicant who has been living in the country continuously for at least 10 years, and provided the child will also share the JAPAN RAIL PASS with that applicant, the eligibility requirements are met. 

PLEASE NOTE: Neither a copy of the residence permit issued solely to a child under the age of 12 nor a residence permit entitles the holder to use the Japan Rail Pass if the child is less than 10 years of age in the respective country.

Validity Period :

If you have purchased an Exchange Voucher in a country other than Japan, you must turn in your Exchange Voucher to obtain your JAPAN RAIL PASS within three months from the date the Exchange Voucher was issued.
(for example, an Exchange Voucher issued on April 15 would have to be turned in by July 14).

At that time, you have to specify the date that you want to start using the PASS.
It can be any date within one month from the date the PASS is received.

Japanese Train

Cancellation Policy :

If you return your unused Exchange Voucher within 11 months from the date of issue: 
Refund of the amount made per Exchange Voucher will be made less 10% + £25. 

Lost or misplaced exchange orders cannot be refunded

In the event a voucher needs to be amended by the customer (i.e. name mistake), an amendment fee of £25 for each voucher must be paid.

The original vouchers must be sent back to H.I.S for us to reprint the vouchers.

Local Train in Japan

How to exchange your Japan Rail Pass voucher :

You can exchange your vouchers at any JR tickets office. Prepare your vouchers and passport (make sure you have Japan entry stamp).
Officer will check voucher, passport and issue the actual Japan Rail Pass. Let the officer know the preferable activation date.
If you know your schedule book all seats in advance (recommended).

If you are a Japanese passport holder make sure you bring your certificate (ZAIRYU TODOKE NO UTSUSHI) with you to Japan. Without it you won’t be able to exchange Japan Rail Pass voucher. If you are travelling with a child who is a  Japanese passport holder make sure to present certificate for the child as well.

Fuji and Shinkansen Japan

Excess Baggage Allowance :

Please note the new regulations (valid from May 20, 2020) for taking excess baggage* on the Tokaido, Sanyo and Kyushu Shinkansen 
(route: Tokyo – Kyoto – Shin-Osaka – Hiroshima – Hakata – Kumamoto – Kagoshima-Chuo). 

The following rules apply to the corresponding dimensions (L x W x H):
Luggage up to 160 cm :  no registration necessary, stowage in the compartment above or in the footwell below the seat
Luggage up to 250 cm :  registration of luggage necessary, special seats will be assigned to you
Luggage over 250 cm   :  may not be taken along


If you plan to take excess baggage with you, you must reserve seats for the Shinkansen mentioned above before you start your journey and explicitly declare your excess baggage. Only in this way can you be assigned suitable seats with sufficient storage space. If you board a Shinkansen with excess baggage without a reservation, you will be charged a fee per piece of baggage at the spot. Follow the train staff’s instructions regarding where to store your luggage. If the train no longer has enough storage space, you will not be able to use it.

*Prams, sports equipment and instruments are exempt from the excess baggage rules. However, it is recommended that you reserve a seat with excess baggage in advance so that the additional storage space of these seats can be used.

For more Information can be found from Japan Rail Pass Website

Regional JR Passes

Are you planning to visit a specific region of Japan? A Regional Pass gives you unlimited use of trains and other means of transport in the region!  Pick a region and discover Japan with your JR Pass. 

Regional JR passes are Ordinary only (Standard class only) valid depending on a region.

*Japanese citizens generally cannot use Area Passes. You can only use the Japan Rail Pass, which is valid for the whole country.

*** You can also order the Regional JR Passes from our SHOPIFY ***

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